To provide access to quality education and address the social and emotional needs of children in London in order to lessen the disadvantage gap.


The MazeOrg CIC is committed to providing free and subsidised educational, social and emotional support to children and families from disadvantaged and marginalised groups in London.

About Us

The MazeOrg CIC is the non-profit arm of the Maze Academy. We are based in Brent, North London, and deliver our services across a number of London boroughs.

All Maze Educators utilise the “Plan, Assess, Review and Do” approach to teaching. Through using tools such as ‘Emotional Regulation’ and ‘Social Stories’ we deliver our programs online or in person, in school or at home.

Resources and outcomes include:
● strategies and skills to regulate their emotions and prepare them to learn 
● alternative ways to problem solve and successfully resolve new arising situations 
● ways to understand social norms and how to react appropriately in new environments 
● effective communication skills and ways to process their emotions 

With this tailored social, emotional and academic support, children will have a better chance of managing anxiety, academic achievement and reaching their goals

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