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sEn support

We provide support to children with Special Education Needs (SEN), providing one-to-one or small group assistance to children with learning and behavioural difficulties including autism spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit disorder, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. This support can be provided at home or at school.

Homeschooling support

MazeOrg can provide tutors and educational support to families who are homeschooling temporarily or permanently, due to relocation, exclusion, religion, refugee status or social services interventions. We can also assist with language support for children learning English.

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afterschool holiday clubs

MazeOrg offers unique holiday and after-school programs including Mindletics (combining sporting activities with academic tutoring) and Creative Teenager Club, and is building relationships with local community centres and sports clubs to bring these to communities in need.

Online one-to-one and group tutorials

We can teach children one to one or in small groups, providing face to face or online tutorials which augment their in-school learning and target gaps where they may have fallen behind or be facing additional challenges. We can also set appropriate online learning materials for families to work through at their own pace if they are unable to commit to specific tutorial times.


Academic Interventions & Exam Preparation

We have a network of tutors and teachers with extensive experience of preparing children for 7+, 11+, GCSE and A Level, assisting with exam technique, mock papers and confidence-boosting exercises.

in-classroom support

We provide experienced teachers who can support children in their own school environment, meaning the child is benefitting from learning in a group environment whilst also having the focussed assistance that is not possible in most schools. This service is particularly helpful for SEN learners.

Our partners

We are lucky to have partners who support us every step of the way.

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Young Camden Foundation

Camden HAF Programme

We are honored to announce that our MindLetics Programme has been confirmed for Easter 2023! Thank you so much to the Young Camden Foundation for funding our fourth programme, we hope to keep delivering our amazing fun-filled projects. #HAFCamden #HAF2023

Young Brent Foundation

Elevate  Fund

MazeOrg is thrilled to be the recipient of the Young Brent Foundation's Elevate Fund in 2023! This grant enabled us to provide free educational and emotional support to vulnerable children in Brent in 2022.  Building on the success of our program last year, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to continue our efforts and support even more children with Special Educational Needs and who are from disadvantaged and marginalised groups.   The funding will enable MazeOrg to provide emotional regulation skills and tools to children requiring additional support,  improving academic attainment and greater social integration, with the aim of reducing the exclusion rate and lessening the disadvantage gap.

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National Lottery

National Lottery

We are thrilled that MazeOrg was chosen as a recipient of funding for our Bridging Gaps Together project by the National Lottery Community Fund! Bridging Gaps Together delivered intervention to support children academically, socially, and emotionally through 1:1 and group sessions. Our programme is designed to assist children in reaching their full potential. MazeOrg's continued commitment to providing free and heavily subsidised educational and emotional support to the most vulnerable families is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund. We would be grateful for any financial assistance that would allow us to provide our services to the greater community

Little Lives

Little Lives

MazeOrg is thrilled to have received funding from the Little Lives - Children's charity for our project. Our project has offered 24 children 1:1 early intervention, methods and resources to help them regulate their emotions and prepare for school. We taught children how to govern their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and much more using techniques like "zones of regulation" and "social stories." We have also provided learning materials to each child


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