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MazeOrg is a non-profit organisation, providing free or highly subsidised educational, social and emotional support to the most vulnerable and in-need families, including those struggling with special educational requirements, economical and social disadvantage and those who have experienced trauma from war. 

Since the Covid pandemic and the current cost of living crisis there is now an even greater demand for our services. We rely on your donations to be able to provide our services to children and families in need.

Any and all donations are really appreciated.


Mohan – Wellbeing Hub Participant

Every week the sessions have been progressive, I found Natasha's session very helpful, I managed to voice and open up to her and find my intentions of what I want to do with my life. I'm particularly looking forward towards the music and developing new skills in general.

Coppets Wood Primary School, N10

My child learn to be more independent, learn confidence making friends with new children and mixing with older children.

Lyon Park Primary School

The MazeOrg were able to allocate our school 50 hours of funding which was delivered 2 days a week between 25th January and 31st March 2022. The MazeOrg supported 4 pupils in year 2 with SEN who were identified by the class teacher. An individual programme was created to support each child with their learning and teach them the skills to work more independently. The children benefitted greatly from this support and I am delighted that we were able to work with MazeOrg. I look forward to continuing this relationship.

Coppetts Wood Primary School, N10

The Learn and Lead programme has really helped our students to come out of their shell and think more positively. It has supported and empowered them to be able to speak about their feelings and set the up with the skills and strategies to manage their emotions and actions.

Parent of child who attended Camden HAF Programme.

Young Camden Foundation

"Children had fun packed enriching activities with @MazeAcademy HAF programme at @rhylprimary"

Winter HAF Parent

"My children loved it so much they wanted it for another 2 weeks"

Winter HAF Parent

"My children loved everything that they had, thanks to the staff"

Winter HAF Parent

"My son loved playing the piano and my daughter loved the craft and the piano"

Winter HAF Parent

"My children loved the stuff there"

Winter HAF Parent

"My children learned brand new AMAZING SKILLS and my children would love to come back"

Nataliya KB

"After leaving Ukraine due to the war, myself and my two boys struggled to find the right support when we arrived in the UK. We were not familiar with the British Education System and my boys found it difficult to transition manage their emotions and cope with the trauma they experienced since the onslaught of the war. We were lucky to be put in contact with the MazeOrg who provided social and emotional regulation training, and academic support and assisted with school placements. They supported the boys by providing emotional regulation training and through one-to-one tutoring. With this support, both boys benefitted hugely and felt more comfortable transitioning to school and managing their feelings. They created a safe space for the children to talk about their feelings and develop strategies to work through their new life in the UK. After regular support and guidance, MazeOrg was able to find my children a place in the right school to meet their needs. I fully support MazeOrg and would highly recommend their services to other displaced families who have gone through a similar experience.


"I'd just had a baby and I was the victim of domestic abuse...we had to move out with the help of social services.  I was in a new house and my 7 year old son, who has ADHD, was waiting to be placed in a new school. I saw an advert for Maze Academy tutors on Facebook and responded...when they replied it was like all my prayers had been answered.  My son doesn't get on with many people but Mariam was amazing - she gave my son great support with the schoolwork he was missing.  Also, she wasn't judging me...she made me feel strong when I felt defeated"

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